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IT and Business Automation

Pinnacle Automation in Digital Business Assurance

Our international experience and industry recognised thought leadership and innovation in digital business assurance not only drives who we are, how we delivery but sets us apart from mainstream traditional organisations within the market.

We help companies to apply innovation to improve collaboration, technical complexity and think differently about how to work more efficiently and drive significantly improved savings and returns from scalability and agility within digital change.

IT Automation

Pinnacle has invested significantly and worked with our clients and partners in recent years to develop an industry leading intelligent AI Automation platform that enables companies to rapidly automate and reuse their investment and assets throughout the automation lifecycle of their digital landscape:

| Dev & Test | Business Acceptance | Production Support & Maintenance | Business focused RPA |

Our digital business assurance also extends to an innovative cloud based delivery platform that provides client IT teams with an eco-system of global and open source vendor tools and integrations via a platform as a service on AWS and Azure.

Business Automation

As a trusted digital assurance partner we leverage leading Pinnacle innovation along with that of our eco-system partners to provide best of breed business innovation to enable client business teams achieve improved capability, scalability, flexibility and quality business outcomes through the applied use of intelligent automation.

Enterprise Systems Automation

Pinnacle and its senior teams have over 30 years of international Enterprise Systems experience. 

In recent years, Pinnacle has spent significant R&D effort and invested within client project delivery to develop new automation capabilities, accelerators, and frameworks for many of the mainstream global Enterprise Systems and their systems development teams.

By enabling Pinnacle’s AI automation platforms, our clients are able to scale and accelerate automation support across all areas of the software lifecycle including end to end busing processing with integrated systems.  Our clients are applying AI automation, with scalable virtual testers and worker bots, for the testing, validation, acceptance and automation of production RPA activities within their bespoke configured Enterprise Systems.

Automation of Industry Specific Systems

Through our work with specific client industries, and specialist software vendors, Pinnacle are leading the way in providing AI automation solutions to end Clients with industry specific systems, niche messaging protocols and supporting and enabling Software Vendors.