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Automation of Industry Specific Systems

Automation of Industry Systems

The software industry is changing at a rate never seen within the last 30 years. 

With rapid changes in technology, integration and the customer IT landscapes means Specialist Software Systems Vendors are struggling to keep up with their demands for Agile change and increased innovation, and digital transformation demands.  Industry Systems Companies are being driven to focus upon new features and functionality, increased levels of open integration and new platform modernisation and architectural change, as part of a digital transformation journey aimed to deliver greater end user experience.

Pinnacle supports, and enables Specialist Software Systems Vendors  and their end customers to scale and improve quality outcomes at speed.  Pinnacle is an integral partner in delivering upon Development, Support, IT project delivery and business user acceptance and production automation.

Pinnacle ensures we all deliver on the promise of improved agility & collaboration, along with efficient and scalable delivery of IT change that is provides mitigated risk and delivers upon Digital Business Assurance outcomes.

Automation Capability Industry Specific Systems

Business Users4 500x500 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Partnership in Internal Development Services

Industry leading AI automation services to support Software Vendors internal product development and support services.

Automated testing services for all base versions of Software Service Clients products.

Baseline, validate new feature and product changes and regression test within hours.

Automated impact analysis, validation and testing of client specific delta builds within hours.

optimized TEAMS AGILE 500x479 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Trusted in End Customer Project Delivery

Accelerate and improve quality outcomes of new end client project implementation and integration of Software Vendor solutions.

Accelerate and improve quality outcome of End Client Migration from existing legacy systems to Software Vendor solutions.

Improve end client Acceptance and UX of Software Vendor solutions and services.

Improve effectiveness of project change, ongoing support and maintenance services for new and existing end clients.

Enables Software Vendors to deliver more new client implementations through partnership with Pinnacle.

TEAM 2 500x500 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Enabling Scalable Support and Maintenance Services

End to End, Business Process Automation and Testing Services to end customers.

Industry leading AI automation services to support end customers testing projects with Software Vendors and integrated system changes.

Automated testing and regression testing services for all BAU and support enhancement pack changes.

Maximising investments made in automation assets created within project delivery, business acceptance, testing and regression testing by reusing them in RPA and production business process automation services.

Pinnacle and Industry Specific Software Solutions

Pinnacle and its teams have been successfully implementing IT delivery projects and supporting international banks and financial institutions with their transformation and implementation of new IT systems, ongoing business change and maintenance patching for over 30 years.

With significant international experience of implementing, integrating, maintaining and automating specialist banking and financial services systems. We understand the diversity and apply automation that works with legacy kicks, tandem, mainframe technologies, industry specialist lending standards (LIXI), to the implementation and integration of new digital platforms. We have experience of the complexities of applying change and automation within a closely coupled IT landscape along with the sensitivities of their integration and data.

Pinnacle have developed significant local capability along with a extensive library of automation accelerators enabled for supporting agile project delivery, digital transformation, maintenance and production support and RPA, production business process automation.
Banking and Finance
Pinnacle services and automation capabilities are enabling, scaling of internal teams, optimising and improving end client engagement and quality outcomes for Software Services companies.We are working with your project, development and support teams to improve collaboration and reduce the effort and costs to win and implement your products into new customers. We are enabling quick and improved business acceptance of new implementations, integration and ongoing support and maintenance changes.We are providing innovative commercial models that leverage Pinnacle AI automation platforms to be able to provide consortium scale and commercial savings to your end clients. Whilst we automate and validate all our base version and individual client variant builds in hours for every change to ensure your quality outcomes at speed.
Software Services
Pinnacle and its teams have been successfully implementing IT delivery projects and supporting Operations Teams with their ongoing system changes and maintenance patching for over 20 years. With significant experience of implementing, integrating, maintaining and automating specialist systems used within plant operations. We understand the complexities of these systems, their integration and data. We have developed significant local capability along with a extensive library of automation accelerators enabled for supporting project delivery, digital transformation, maintenance and production support and RPA, production business process automation.
Natural Resources & Mining
Pinnacle is working with end clients and specialist system providers within Energy and Utilises internationally. We are supporting companies to transform, optimise and scale their agile team delivery through the use of our experience, capability and automation innovations and services.From supporting and enabling specialist systems development and project teams to implement and deliver better quality outcomes to their client or working to support with the IT transformation and modernisation of integrated legacy and new digital payments and devices, Pinnacle’s leading AI automation platforms and virtual worker bots are providing a scale and capacity that runs 24/365, saving significant effort, durations and costs.
Energy & Utilities
Pinnacle is successfully saving millions dollars annually in state Health IT spend. With the applied use of our industry leading AI automation platforms and capabilities. We are using innovation to support and enable transformation in legacy and new digital systems within state healthcare IT Landscapes. Pinnacle have a unique automation solution that supports HL7 messaging and smart obfuscation for digital patient record change projects.We are leveraging our automation in Acceptance of IT change to reduce the burden on healthcare professionals and ward teams in supporting IT projects, and all assets are fully reusable for production RPA and business admin process automation.
Pinnacle is applying proven track record of international project delivery within public transport with over 25 years of automation experience. Pinnacle AI Automation platforms are automating all the leading global vendor systems, along with bespoke and specialist technologies.Pinnacle automation virtual worker bots are scaling capacity, throughput in test coverage and automating the acceptance of system implementations and changes within all areas of smart ticketing, journey planning, scheduling, back office processing and payments. We automate the validation of smart ticketing and fare collection processes, so that we can validate 100% coverage of fare options and concessions. We are also able to verify system changes against a days worth of travel transactions, testing systems changes against a day within a day with direct automated comparison capabilities.

With our experience, capability and automation platforms we are able to save millions of dollars off state run public transportation IT projects by reducing project delivery effort and schedules by many several months.
Public Transport

Our Innovations

Vendor Specific Development of Automation Platforms

Pinnacle develops its AI Automation Platforms to support and enable the automation of Industry Specific Software Vendors. This enables our partners to better support industry messaging, comm's and API's standards, along with end client technology and system changes.

No Technical Code

We have non technical business SME’s creating and maintaining their own automated processes and assets. This is only achievable through the low maintenance natural language scripts.

AI Automation enabling User Acceptance

Radically improving the User Acceptance and UX of IT change via the use of AI automation to remove the time and effort of business users to support IT projects.

AI Automation Enabling Your Teams

Pinnacle is able to offer Platform as a Service to enable and scale your teams with AI automation. We radically increase your teams throughput and capacity with the use of our AI automation and virtual workers.

Automation of ANY Technology

Automation of any system or technology, with low maintenance and no code. No technical coding means improved team collaboration and coverage. The use of intelligent impact analysis helps define and manage risk from impact of change.

Maximum Re-Use to Ensure ROI

We strongly believe in the value and savings from Automation and asset reuse. Pinnacle’s natural language scripts can be re-used not only across systems and technologies, but across our AI automation products to support automation across the software development and production systems landscape.

Scaling Data Sets and Intelligent Obfuscation

Use of full scale representative production data is critical in ensuring the success and scalable performance of systems. Pinnacle provides AI automation solutions that scale production data, and uses smart obfuscation that maintains data integrity throughout its life. This enables off shore teams to use production data sets without breaking any local data and privacy laws.

aurora new - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
End Client Business Process and
Operational Automation Services
Re-use client project automation assets in Aurora to provide business process and operational automation services to your end customers. Automate any system technology, integration or device with low maintenance and no code.

No technical or development skills required means business users and product owners can use Aurora to create and maintain their automated systems and business processes.
enigma new logo - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Scale Data and
Smart Obfuscation
Pinnacle’s Enigma product resurfaces the AI automation platform to scales representative production data sets to ensuring the success validation of system performance and scalability. Enigma uses next generation smart obfuscation that maintains data integrity throughout its life.
enginuiuty1 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Product Patching and
Regression Services
Pinnacle and its Software Vendor Customers can reuse the AI automation platforms and assets to provide ON DEMAND product patching and regression test services both to their internal teams and to the end customers.

This combination of innovation as a service ensures quality outcomes at speed.
enginuiuty1 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Internal Development and
Support Teams
Internal Software Vendor Development and Support teams use Enginuity AI automation platforms to test new changes applied to their Base Product Builds along with all their client variation changes and builds. Within hours, hundreds of thousands of tests and regression packs are executed by Virtual Tester BOTs to ensure the quality and reliability of the Product build prior to deployment to the client.

Enginuity can also be fully integrated within CI/CD DevOps pipeline and have a low maintenance ZERO code natural language script with automated impact analysis function to significantly reduce automation maintenance efforts.
authorise1 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
End Client UX and
User Acceptance
Authorise resurfaces Pinnacle’s AI automation platform with a product that project teams use to work with end client business teams to define key user roles and acceptance criteria for signing off and approving the implementation, migration or upgrade of the Software Vendors product. Automated business processes, integration, tests and reporting are all mapped against the individual users acceptance criteria. Virtual worker BOTS execute the work load, raise defects and re-run activities until they pass, saving business users hundreds of man hours each. Once an activity passes successfully, the virtual work BOTS re-run the processes and capture run time video evidence which is saved against the specific user acceptance criteria. User then login to their dashboards, to observe and sign off their approval of the runtime video evidence logs.

Authorises accelerates the UX and User Acceptance process saving months of project duration and thousands of man hours of business user effort.
enginuiuty1 - Automation of Industry Specific Systems
Client Implementation,
Migration and Upgrade Projects
Pinnacle’s Enginuity AI Automation platforms is used to automate the testing of the Software vendors product, client changes and the validation of its integration into other systems as part of end to end business processes. Enginuity supports any technology, tests any level of the architectural stack and uses low maintenance natural language NO CODE work instruction scripts.

The Enginuity scalable platform and virtual tester BOTs can execute millions of tests within hours, to ensure both product, integration and end to end processes are functioning correctly.

Value and Benefits to Industry Specific Software Companies

Value to Our Software Company Clients

Applying Automation to WIN and Deliver MORE BUSINESS

Using Pinnacle accelerators, AI automation and frameworks, reduces effort, duration and costs to implement and integrate your Software Systems into end client IT landscapes.  This therefore helps reduce your costs and purchasing barriers, allow for more higher win rates and more implementations per year.

Improved User Acceptance

We provide a clearer, quicker and improved user acceptance process, which means less disruption to your end client, greater levels of confidence in what’s been delivered and a fast sign off of the project.

We Do MORE for you

We save you money and effort on your internal development and customer support, and improve the quality of what you deliver to your customers. We achieve more coverage and mitigate the risks of change within your customers integrated systems landscape. And, we do it in a fraction of the cost of your current delivery models, via the use of our leading AI automation and virtual workers.

Value to YOUR End Customers

Customer Focused

Our service improve the collaboration and reduce the effort that Software Vendors need to invest in projects and acceptance.  This means they can reduce the impact and costs upon their business and business user teams.

Digital Business Assurance

Our internal experience, skilled teams support and enable Software companies with end customer projects.  We leverage our frameworks, accelerators and advanced AI automation to ensure coverage and mitigate the risks and impact of change.  Our collaborative led delivery tools, improve visibility, reporting and end client confidence in the quality and outcome that they are getting from the engagement.

Re-use Provides Ongoing Value and Savings

Going the extra mile for your customers, the reuse of automation assets created for the customers specific configuration of systems, can be re-used to provide a range of ongoing services that will support the end clients business and provide ongoing savings and ROI.

Benefits to Software Teams & Client Delivery

Our Project and Service Experience

Our international experience and leading innovation in automation and project service delivery have provided Pinnacle with extensive industry recognition.  Pinnacle provides these capabilities to Software Service Companies to enable and support their teams with their internal development and ongoing client support.  We work the way you want, providing fully integrated teams and platforms, fully white labelled or standalone independent offerings.

Our Unique Automation Services for Software Companies

Pinnacle’s capability to manage and mitigate risk and to support core product change, impact on individual client variants and client led changes is a skill that set Pinnacle apart from our international competitors.  Within hours we are able to validate the impact of change and execute millions of tests against all builds, environments and device permutations.  We provide the quality outcomes at speed that your teams need to ensure their end client success.

Voice of the Customer

“We have always tried to be self-sufficient and keep all our capabilities in house. However, we started working with the team at Pinnacle on customer implementation projects initially. The projects ran smoother, and we delivered more reliably, achieving greater customer success.

We have now adopted new agile and DevOps development processes and integrated Pinnacle’s teams and solutions into our inhouse capability. With using Pinnacle in both our product development and within client project delivery we are implementing 5x more new customers, have no client upgrade backlogs and our overall product quality and end customer satisfaction has never been higher”.
- Software Services Company -
Specialist Banking Software Company
“Our company provides integrated software solutions within a number of clients across the airline and energy and utilities industries. We have in-depth customer business coverage within bespoke customer specific configured platforms.

Pinnacle started working with us around proving automated regression testing services. They now support our teams on automating all our clients projects and support changes not just in our products but across the integrated client landscape. More recently we have been reusing the automation to provide scaled data and obfuscation for offshore development team along with client business process automation services. We are blow away by their innovation and ability to think outside the box. We are glad to have them working along side us, and they are now part of our big family”.
Multi Industry Software Services Company
“Our company and implementation teams have been working with Pinnacle for the last 5 years. Pinnacle has provided capability to support our major client implementation, migration, integration and upgrade projects. Their automation solutions and delivery frameworks work really well with our platforms and client configurations.

Pinnacle has been a valued partner in helping us ensure our customers are on the latest versions of product, and they manage the impacts to clients systems”.
- Software Company -
Leading International ERP Software Company
“My role is leading product development and we have always used the mainstream processes and tools. We have been struggling to meet growing demands from our new and existing customers. We used to have dedicated teams coding automation for the testing and support of our products. We were really struggling to keep up with growth of the code libraries and the levels of change.

The partnership and the solutions really work, and we have always the help we needed to overcome our internal challenges. No looking back for us, great job Pinnacle! In recent years we have adopted several of Pinnacles Platform as a Service automation solutions. We now have an army of virtual testers on hand to run everything any time day or night, and our teams are easily able to cover the low maintenance scripts”.
- Software Services Company -
Insurance Software Company
“We are medium sized international specialist products company”. We offer our products via integrated client server, web and mobile application. Our large enterprise customers demand we ready and able to support them rapidly with all their changing operations needs.

Pinnacle have enabled their platform for our products and all our customer instances. The platform consists of Pinnacle’s mainstay AI automation platforms, dedicated virtual worker groups, along with their management and reporting tools. We all access our own instances of the Pinnacle platform and pay a shared monthly subscription charge. This provides a MASSIVE saving and value to our company and ALL OUR CUSTOMERS!! We love this concept, the flexibility and collaboration across our clients within the industry user group!!”
- Software Services Company -
Asset Management Software Company