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Consulting and Advisory

Pinnacle Consulting and Advisory Services

Pinnacle are defining and enabling companies to accelerate IT and business change through digital transformation.

IT Agility

Significant shifts in the velocity of IT change into production has increased the levels of risk attributed to production failures. These failures due to defect leakage and production outages, have a negative business reputation and end customer perception impact.  This negative trend appears to be becoming more common place across industries and is frequently well documented within the press.

Pinnacle helps customers achieve IT agility, mitigate risk and delivery quality outcomes at speed.

Business Agility

Pinnacle work in true partnership with our clients to enable business teams to increase their efficiency, improve their alignment to market and company goals, and to achieve this through improved flexibility and agility.

Our services enable business teams to re-shape their current work practices, to transform, and evolve over time.  This allows for non-technical, adoption of innovation, creative working, increased scale and capacity to be responsive to ever changing market demands.