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Pinnacle business consulting services

Pinnacle are supporting and enabling companies internal business teams to meet their digital business assurance challenges and improve their workload agility, throughput and capacity.

Significant International Experience - business agility

significant international experience

Pinnacle consultants and associates are senior thought leaders within the industry. We bring significant experience of business consulting and transformation that enables companies to improve their agile work practices and capabilities. Our consultants are specialist in their fields of expertise and bring a wealth of knowledge and value of successfully enabling intelligent automation within business teams.

Applied Innovation Not Technical Complexity - business agility

applied innovation not technical complexity

Pinnacle consultants work closely with companies to improve efficiencies, and to reduce effort and costs. Applying our inSight accelerators and other industry frameworks we not only accurately articulate current capability and maturity positions within client organisations, but to also pave a clear target vision and roadmap to deliver the change required.

Improve Team Skills Capabilities - business agility

improve team skills & capabilities

Pinnacle consulting and advisory works with clients define improvement and transformation roadmaps that improve team skills and capabilities. We focus on improving agile business team collaboration and effectiveness. We can help transform how non technical business teams improve their effectiveness when working within Agile and DevOps IT projects.

Improved Business Effectiveness - business agility

improved business effectiveness

Working with companies business teams, we define capability gaps, provide support, coaching, training and enable teams with access to skills covering a wide range of Agile roles. Our experienced consulting teams help companies to overcome the challenges applying automation into business teams, working processes to improve the business efficiency, savings, scalability and throughput.

Pinnacle Consulting and Advisory Accelerators

SERVICE INSIGHT 1 - business agility

INsight Accelerators

Pinnacle’s INsight capability accelerates the time to value from our client consulting engagements.
Our experienced consultants, focused accelerators, frameworks, structured workshops, methodologies and IP built upon Pinnacle’s proven track record of enabling companies to improve their business operating effectiveness, internal capabilities & skills, along with improving the businesses focus and value.

Audit and Assessment

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Audit and Assessment

  • Defined INsight audit engagement models and frameworks
  • Workshop formats & templates
  • Defined and structured deliverables

Advisory and Strategy

02 3 - business agility

Advisory and Strategy

  • Structured advisory engagements, workshops, templates & deliverables
  • Business advisory accelerators in assessment, strategy, solution development and improvement roadmaps

Compliance and Certification

03 2 - business agility

Compliance and Certification

  • Structured business compliance assessment frameworks using defined industry regulatory, compliancy and standards


04 2 - business agility


  • Defined business transformation frameworks and tools
  • Skills and capability development frameworks for team transformation
  • Structured business workshops
  • Business improvement roadmaps for transformation and change area
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02 1 magenta - business agility

Audit and Assessment

Pinnacle Audit and
Assessment For Improved
Business Agility

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search 01 - business agility

Audit and Assessment

  • INsight audit business function, teams, processes, capability and skills
  • Assessment of business function against industry maturity frameworks and standards to determine gaps and areas of improvement
  • INsight audit and assessment of team capability and skills for Agile working
  • INsight audit and assessment of team dynamic, structure and effective collaboration
  • INsight assessment and selection of intelligent automation business processes
  • Assessment of intelligent automation business ROI cases

Advisory and Strategy

  • Advisory and coaching to support, change and improve business teams, processes, capability and skills for the adoption of agile working practices
  • Defined and tailored client agile working strategies with improvement roadmaps, using industry leading maturity frameworks and standards for business team skills development, improved capabilities and working processes
  • Advisory and coaching to improve adoption of team dynamics, structures and effective collaboration
  • Advisory for the selection of intelligent automation tools and target business processes to be automated
  • Client defined intelligent automation strategy, roadmap and business ROI


Intelligent Automation

  • business working transformation via successful adoption, integration and roll out roadmap of adoption, integration and roll out roadmap of intelligent automation
  • build out of intelligent automation businesses processes
  • transformation of business working processes and team skills in the successful adoption and integration of intelligent automation
  • drive ongoing ROI with effective delivery and maintenance of intelligent automation platforms and capabilities: — enable in-house teams — enable and support third parties — provided as a service

Optimised Business Processes

  • defined transformation journeys to enable business teams to transform their working practices, business processes and skills to drive the value and benefits of intelligent business automation
  • continuous improvement services offer a baseline measurement of current “AS IS” workload throughput, effort and cost. Then the service optimises business processes with intelligent automation and agile working practices. The measured improvements, ROI and saving are tracked and monitored throughout the service transformation roadmap

Improved Agile Team Effectiveness

  • enable and develop the transformation of business teams effectiveness in agile delivery
  • define business team roles, structures, dynamics and skills development within a measurable team transformation roadmap

Improved Agile Collaboration

working with companies business teams to transform and improve the value from the utilisation of business users in supporting agile IT projects:

  • transform the business user engagement and working processes to support agile IT projects
  • transform the tools and techniques used across business user teams to enable non technical business teams to improve clarity, understanding and collaboration with technical IT project teams
  • transformation roadmap and measured improvement targets to significantly reduce the level of effort and improve the effective use of business users utilisation to support the delivery and acceptance of agile and DevOps IT

Intelligent Automation

  • Business working transformation via successful adoption, integration and roll out roadmap of adoption, integration and roll out roadmap of intelligent automation
  • Build out of intelligent automation businesses processes
  • Transformation of business working processes and team skills in the successful adoption and integration of intelligent automation
  • Drive ongoing ROI with effective delivery and maintenance of intelligent automation platforms and capabilities:
    — Enable in-house teams
    — Enable and support third parties
    — Provided as a service

Compliance and Certification

Pinnacle consultants work with business teams to help and enable them to optimise and improve their ability and effectiveness in conducting business compliance, acceptance and certification activities the successful deployment of leading innovation and intelligent automation.

Picture1 1 - business agility

Business Teams Leveraging the Power of AI Automation

  • Define business usage model, strategy and ROI case
  • Define adoption and transition plan
  • Define and setup compliance, acceptance and certification frameworks
  • Enable AI automation platform, Pinnacle Authorised product
  • Integrate with data feeds and manual processes
Picture2 1 - business agility

Innovation in Certification and Compliance

  • Independent assessment service of external vendor performance and service compliance
  • Independent assessment of external vendor compliance and performance in agile transformation and IT change projects
  • Business compliance and obligations, licence to operate
  • Verify and track business alignment and compliance to regulatory standards and change
  • Certify vendor products, bid response, contracts
  • Certify technology integration or offering against defined set of criteria or standards
Picture3 1 - business agility

Significant International Business Acceptance Experience

  • Agile business teams use AI automation to validate business acceptance criteria for IT project changes
  • Run time video evidence is captured and made available to business teams within an online dashboard for review and approve when their defined acceptance criteria is met
  • Remove significant business user effort from conducting and support many agile testing cycles

Business Agility Framework

Pinnacle’s unapparelled experience of enabling client transformation, imbedding new innovation and intelligent automation to improve business team agility is achieved firstly by our leading collaborative client approach and then by leveraging our significant consulting and advisory capability, accelerators and frameworks.

Picture1 2 - business agility


Picture2 2 - business agility


Picture3 2 - business agility

agile maturity

Picture4 1 - business agility

agile teams

Picture5 magenta - business agility

work processing​

Picture6 magenta - business agility

Optimisation & ROI​

Picture7 - business agility


Picture8 - business agility


Picture9 - business agility

measure & improve​

Step 1
Discover and Analyse “AS IS”
Discover and Analyse Current “AS IS”
  • Business agility assessment
  • Current operating model & processes
    Current risks & challenges
    Team and business SWOT
    Team, capability and structures
    Maturity assessment
  • Review of existing key business metrics and measurements
  • Review of existing agile working practices
  • Assess quick wins and key transformation improvement areas
Step 1
Discover and Analyse “AS IS”
Step 2
Define Target “TO BE”
Define and Agree Target “TO BE”
  • Define target business agility model
  • Business team operating model, maturity targets and processes
  • Team structures, skills and capabilities
  • Target improvements, innovation enablement, intelligent automation
  • Define key business improvement metrics, measurements and ROI case
  • Defined transformation approach, roadmap and transition plan
  • Define intelligent automation strategy
Step 2
Define Target “TO BE”
Step 3
Business Agility Transformation “HOW TO”
Business Agility Transformation “HOW TO”
  • Team structures, skills and capabilities
  • Team development and enablement
  • Agile teams, working group squads
  • 360° business team and customer input and feedback
  • Continuous team development
  • Retrospective and continuous improvement
  • Implement and embed innovation & intelligent automation roadmap
  • Build out of intelligent automation processes, capability
  • Optimise automation maintenance processes
  • Continuous business agility measurement, validation of ROI, review and optimisation
Step 3
Business Agility Transformation “HOW TO”

Engagement Process

booking - business agility

1. Booking

Book an initial
introduction discussion

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scope - business agility

2. Scope

Define, agree and document scope

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delivery - business agility

3. Delivery

Successfully deliver engagement

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findin - business agility

4. Findings

Walkthrough engagement findings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pinnacle shares many of its frequently asked questions around its AI automation platforms, delivery accelerators, solutions and services.

However, if you have questions and they are not covered in the FAQ’s section of this website, then please feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be happy to provide whatever information we can.

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pinnacle news

Pinnacle has been internationally recognised as a leader in the field of Automation Services along with Digital Business Assurance and Quality Engineering Services.As Pinnacle participates and shares its knowledge, experiences, observations within client and industry trends via interviews, press releases, articles, white papers and within market analyst reports these are openly shared via the Pinnacle website.