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Business Automation

Leading international innovation for business teams

Pinnacle leverages proprietary innovation in their leading AI and Machine Learning platforms that offer a range of comprehensive solutions and services for business user teams.Our platforms are used to improve team throughput and capacity in completing tasks and activities, along with reducing the time and effort required to deliver on repeatable work product.These solutions support all systems and technologies, regardless of complexity. Key differentiators are natural language, modular work instructions, low maintenance and simplicity of use for non technical teams.
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Agile Business User Acceptance
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Automated Certification and Compliance
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Business Process Automation & RPA

Pinnacle works collaboratively with our customers, business teams and our partners. Together we define and deploy service solutions that significantly improve scale, capacity and throughput within digital change.  

We support business teams to remove the technical complexity of automation. We reduce the burden of the business user teams effort to support acceptance of IT projects. Pinnacle helps the organisation to significantly improve business efficiency and reduce time to value.  

We enable unparalleled risk mitigation at speed. This truly sets our solutions apart and has earnt us a reputation as a trusted specialist provider of Digital Business Assurance Services.

Pinnacle’s leading AI and automation enables business teams to accelerate the adoption of digital business assurance process

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AI automation for agile business user acceptance + certification & compliance
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AI automation for
Business Process Automation & RPA
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AI automation for migration & data obfuscation


Authorise leverages Pinnacle’s leading AI automation platform to surface a unique capability that support and enables business users to reduce the effort required to support acceptance of digital business assurance change.

Authorise significantly improves collaboration between technical IT and business teams, and provides clarity and evidence that individual business teams acceptance criteria has been met.

Authorise all can be leveraged to automate and track industry and business certification and compliance requirements.


Aurora re-surfaces Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning automation platform for the sole purpose of business process automation and RPA automated business tasks and activities.

Aurora has been designed from the ground up to be low maintenance and with a natural language interface for virtual worker functions. Natural language functionality means that business users can read and understand what the virtual worker is doing without technical skills. There is no code to create or maintain.

All technologies and systems are supported to create business processes so a seamless business process and be run effortlessly across many different technologies if required. 

Pinnacle automation platform services

Pinnacle and our teams have a long standing international proven track record of successfully providing automation solutions and services.

Pinnacle has partnered, developed, built and now runs a leading automation  platform that truly sets us apart.  

Over many years we can provision and deliver via a single cloud platform leading international vendor test, delivery and automation tools, along with commonly used open source and API integration solutions.  

All of which allows us to provided a leading industry based Platform as a service that can flex upon demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pinnacle shares many of its frequently asked questions around its AI automation platforms, delivery accelerators, solutions and services.

However, if you have questions and they are not covered in the FAQ’s section of this website, then please feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be happy to provide whatever information we can.

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pinnacle news

Pinnacle has been internationally recognised as a leader in the field of Automation Services along with Digital Business Assurance and Quality Engineering Services.As Pinnacle participates and shares its knowledge, experiences, observations within client and industry trends via interviews, press releases, articles, white papers and within market analyst reports these are openly shared via the Pinnacle website.