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The Pinnacle of Enabling Business Teams

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Authorise – leverages Pinnacle’s leading AI automation platform to surface a unique capability that support and enables business users to reduce the effort required to support acceptance of digital business assurance change.  Authorise significantly improves collaboration between technical IT and business teams, and provides clarity and evidence that individual business teams acceptance criteria has been met. Authorise all can be leveraged to automate and track industry and business certification and compliance requirements.

Does this Sound Familiar?

“We have to run through UAT to ensure IT and the system have given us what we require to do our jobs…”
“I struggle to make time to keep up with my career and training due to the time and effort I now have to spend on IT projects rather than working on my REAL job…”
“Agile Delivery, just means MORE issues MORE TIME and EFFORT and MORE of my team are pulled from their day jobs to support IT projects…”
“It is my business budgets that is funding the resourcing of IT project delivery. I sometimes believe that IT sees my business team as FREE resources…”
“It is my business that has to fund backfills for my team and my management KPI’s that are impacted when my team are under resourced & under performing…”
“Agile Delivery who thought that this was an improvement for the Business ? We had a better service from IT when we were not having to do their jobs as well as ours.”
“I am having to work on a lot more IT projects these days, I did not get into this profession to work in IT?…”
“Doing my day job and supporting IT, YES it always feels like I do two peoples jobs… shame I don’t get paid for both!”
“Agile sprint teams are pulling my business resources into IT project delivery throughout the life-cycle of the project…”
“UAT is painful, we manually execute tests and re-run them again and again for defect fixes for on average 8 weeks per project. Surely there’s a better way and use of our time..?”

Apply Innovation in AI Automation to ENABLE Business User Teams NOT use Technical Complexity

Authorise Provides Improved

Collaborative Agile Delivery

Collaboration & clear communication with the business teams via non technical, acceptance framework. Real-time evidence capture. Evidence logs include snap shot & run-time video, within online dashboards & “Sign Off” capabilities

Business Acceptance Services

Acceptance driven testing using Authorise framework and tools. Automate the Acceptance Process, and the validation & testing significantly reducing the need to pull business users from their day jobs for each project & Agile sprint.

Certification Services

Create bespoke client centric certification criteria, or upload industry compliance or regulatory requirements. The Authorise Framework Tools allows for manual & automated Certification and execution processes, whilst providing the results within the online evidence dashboard.

Enable YOUR Business Teams

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Authorise sets a new bench mark in agile working between business and IT teams.

Authorised significantly reduces the time and effort that business resources are required to be pulled from their day jobs to support IT project changes.  The use of non technical acceptance driven frameworks and PinnacleQM’s AI automation platform significantly improves collaboration and clear communication between business and technical teams. 

Authorised is not only winning favour with business users, but is accepted as a new approach to applying automation into Agile projects.  For IT teams Authorised is improving their business user engagements within projects, making their engagement more focused upon value and is improving the quality of the overall project, whilst reducing overall project durations and spend.

Business User Benefits and Savings with Authorise

We save companies Millions of Dollars per year in enabling business user teams to work smarter.  

Authorise allows business users to do more valuable work AND focus on their day jobs along with support and accept MORE IT change.

Increase Business User Team Productive, Scale and Capacity NOT Lines of Technical Code to Maintain

Authorise Provides Improved

AI Automated Execution of Business User Acceptance Criteria

AI automation executes the defined and agreed acceptance criteria activities. All acceptance results are captured, defects raised, fixed and transaction run continuously until all the require business user acceptance criteria is met.

Improve Team Collaboration and Acceptance, by Improving Team Understanding of Coverage by Using CLEAR Natural Language and Systems That ALL Team Members Can Understand

Authorise Product Features

User Acceptance Feature Functionality:  In an agile world business users are more involved & integral to the delivery of IT change than ever before.  This has a significant impact on business productivity and costs.  Via the use of industry leading collaborative acceptance driven AI automation, PinnacleQM provides measurable savings in time, effort & costs back to the business.

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Business Focused Acceptance & Certification Framework

ribbon 154 156 - authorise

Non Technical Business Focused Automation Solution

desktop 154 156 - authorise

Real Time Dashboard, Reporting, and Signoff

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Business User Centric Natural Language Work Instructions Control Automation

mind 154 156 - authorise

Automated Execution of Business Processes &
Acceptance Criteria

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Automated Execution of Acceptance Defects and Fix Cycles

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Low Maintenance, No Technical Code to Create or Maintain

Authorise Industry Certification Feature functionality

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Upload industry specified certification model
02 - authorise
Upload regulatory or compliance obligations requirements
image22 - authorise
AI automated execution of certification criteria
Picture8 1 - authorise
Custom defined certification criteria
Picture1 2 - authorise
Real time dashboard and reporting, acceptance and signoff
film - authorise
Run time video capture of compliance evidence
breach of compliance notification reporting - authorise
Breach of compliance, notification reporting

Accelerate Quality and Business Acceptance NOT multiple cycles of Business Effort

Authorise Industry Certification Feature functionality

SAVING Business Users Effort & Time along with Project Budget Costs

Screenshotv1 - authorise

Large Scale Digital Transformation Project using Complex Integration. Planned Client Model

Business User Team Size
Business User Effort to Support IT (days)
$M Cost in $AUD of Business Users
Screenshotv2 - authorise

Large Scale Digital Transformation Project using Complex Integration. Pinnacle Authorise Model

Business User Team Size
SAVING in Business User Effort (days)
$M SAVING in $AUD of Business User Costs


6 years less in Business User days and $1.9M budget saved

SERVICE AUTHORISE 1024x198 - authorise

A Revolution in Business User Acceptance

Business Users are often seen as free resource by IT teams, available to support IT projects.

Often juggling their day jobs and IT activities business users are often over worked, and their true costs to the business overlooked.

Pinnacle believes in ENABLING the smarter use of Business User Teams to drive higher value from their utilisation, whilst support more IT change at low costs.

Large Scale Digital Transformation Project using Complex Integration. Planned Client Model

Business User Team Size
0 %
Effort Back to Business User Day Job
0 %
Effort Allocated to Supporting IT Projects
0 %
Increase in the Number of IT Projects Supported
Agile Sprints Delivered across multiple projects
No. of Tests Run on Behalf of the Business User Team

Large Scale Digital Transformation Project using Complex Integration. Pinnacle Authorise Model

$M (AUD) SAVING of Business User Cost
SAVING on Total Business User Team Effort (hours)

Voice of the Customer

“I was worried about a new UAT approach to start with, as I had never used it before. The Pinnacle process and tool was easy to use and so much better than we have been doing. We are impressed by the Authorise whizzy technology, this made a massive difference to allow me to do my proper job and help the IT guys deliver their projects. I recon it saved me and my team months of my time supporting their IT projects. Thanks so much, see you in a few weeks for the next upcoming release.”
- International Natural Resources -
Human Resources (APAC)
“We engaged Pinnacle to delivery the digital business assurance and testing services of the implementation of our new SAP SuccessFactors system. During the testing of this system they automated all the system processes, business processes and interfaces. Our UAT used Pinnacle’s Authorise platform which was really good as it did all the leg work for our team, and provided us with all the video evidence to review. They also ran and validated 100% of payroll coverage for all our employees for 4 months. This is amazing, we went living happy knowing that everything was going to work as it should.”
- Public Transport -
Human Resources (APAC)
“I was interested in working with the team at Pinnacle to support us with our new client implementations. Their rigour, frameworks and accelerators helped us to improve our delivery and certainly helped us reduce project durations. The biggest win for our end customers is the improved User Acceptance process using Pinnacle’s Authorise platforms. The clients users get all the confidence and visibility of a formal User Acceptance process but without the significant investment in time and effort. This is a big WIN: WIN for us and our clients.”
- Specialist Software Company -
Client Delivery Services Director
“As a lending specialist within the banks lending group, we are focused on ensuring we provide and processing all our customers loan requests quickly and accurately. In the new agile world we are required to support a lot IT project changes. Previously we would document all our tests and then technical IT teams would then convert these to automation code. With Authorise we just upload our business application tests that are not technical into the automation tool and it is executed without all the effort and time wasted trying to get IT to understand what we needed testing”.
- Banking -
Lending Specialist
“We partner with Pinnacle, as they provide us with very senior experienced consultants locally. We also use their very cool AI automation solutions to deliver our client services across the region and industries. We have centralised a team offshore, trained and certified in the AI Automation tools and they have completely removed all our client project backlogs… This is a great win, happier customers and more work being delivered. Thanks Pinnacle…”
- IT Services -
Application Services Director
“The guys at Pinnacle have cracked it… We used to have large teams testing and always struggling to keep up with managing changes to application and test scripts. With a small team and the platforms the Pinnacle team are continuously running all our tests in daily cycles”.“It is crazy how we can run so much testing and save so much project time!! BIG Thanks, and keep it up, awesome job!!!”
- Energy and Utilities -
Project Manager
“Lots of our teams here are working on complex technologies and integration projects. However, most of our best team members are not technical in nature. We use Enginuity to automate all our systems, technologies and testing, it is really good. We no long battle with coding errors and constantly needing to change scripts or increase the team size like using our old test automation tools. Pinnacle allows my whole team to automate their testing, and we are able to so much more testing”.
- Global Software Services -
Head of QA and Testing
“I don’t know where to begin, I don’t usually write references for people or companies. I was a little sceptical about what Pinnacle was saying they could offer us at first. However, now I am amazed at how good they are and how easy they are to work with. They get stuff automated, working and robust where the BIG BOYS in the market fail. They have great tech and a great team”.
- Banking -
Corporate AI and Automation Services
“We have always struggled to manage change from the business teams within projects and this impacted all our budgets and delivery timelines.Working with Pinnacle has meant that we now have better control over this, we deliver projects quicker, using less project budgets all with much smaller specialist teams. On time and within budget every time, got to love that!“
- Mining -
Project Management Office