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Delivering Revolutionary DevOps Solutions

Traditional software automation and integration in DevOps is overly time-consuming. The prolonged and expensive effort in creating & maintaining automation, constrains organizations. PinnacleQM eliminates these limitations to enable a bright and robust DevOps future for its clients.

PinnacleQM, a leader in Quality Management,Test Consultancy and Services, uses its significant international client delivery experience, and networks of specialists to transform the way change is delivered within organizations. PinnacleQM’s leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Automation, and industry recognized Agile solutions support any technology across all industries. Its envisions localized Quality Management teams scaled by technology and platforms that drive coverage and rapid release of IT change. PinnacleQM has enabled clients spanning various industries with collaborative solutions and DevOps delivery services focusing on quality outcomes and compelling cost savings.

Voyage for Progress

PinnacleQM, was founded in February2014 by Gary Jenn and Ian Charlton: two passionate Quality Management and Test Services professionals, each with over 28 years’ experience across international industries. Their visionary leadership created a dynamic business, specifically tailored for Agile and DevOps delivery models.

[Charlton,“Customers often blindlyfollow the crowd in perceived DevOpsvision, tools and solutions available. Ina race to embrace a DevOps journey,they often fail to understand significantchanges required of theirorganizations. Following ill-informedviews of DevOps, taking on significanttechnical automation coding debt(many times larger than the code usedin the systems under test)”.]

PinnacleQM continues to focus upon putting its customers first, enabling efficient and scalable DevOps delivery services.

[Jenn,“ PinnacleQM aims to be the best at what it does, satisfied clients DevOps journey needs using innovation and technology to scale and overachieve outcomes. We could offer delivery models using large delivery teams, typically found in the market today. But we choose to offer customers scalable value, innovation and collaborative solutions”.]

Innovative Services

Enabling business and cultural shifts with a clear roadmap of the DevOps journey and Goals is a critical first step in business planning. PinnacleQM provides Strategy and Advisory services, utilizing leading industry experts from the US, Europe and APAC. Its ‘in Sight’ methodology delivers Assessment Services which provide comprehensive and independent views of a client’s software development life cycle. These methodologies define client transformation strategies and road maps for the desired vision at a pace suitable for each client.

Sustaining and efficiently scaling DevOps is the next focus, leveraging leading technologies and innovation to drive scale and capacity regardless of the system technology landscape. PinnacleQM Delivery Services enable and support customers on their day-to-day delivery journeys. These include Agile and DevOps coaching and leadership to drive delivery outcomes via test automation services, and platforms as a service.

Overcoming Challenges

Development-led Quality Management and Testing used to get changes into production quickly, but failures have a severe impact on quality, usability and end-user perception. PinnacleQM believes that the inclusion of business users and customer experience is more important to ensure the value of the change made, over how quickly the change can be made.

[Charlton,“ We are seeing trends in high profile production outages and significant impacts to the end customer”. As ‘end customers’ we have to question the benefit of companies making change for changes sake?”]

[Jenn adds:“ Change is only welcomedand valued by end users if there istangible or at least a perceivedimprovement. For ‘end customers’constant system updates often feels likea death from a thousand paper cuts”.]

PinnacleQM works with many DevOps teams, the continuous build and integration task has taken teams onto a path where open source and freeware tools are seen to be the only viable and cost-effective solution. Often, integration, support, configuration, and effort to code and maintain many of these products is more costly than mainstream vendor products. PinnacleQM intends to continue to innovate to overcome these constraints and provides a more effective solution to the wider industries in which it serves.

Admirable Uniqueness

PinnacleQM focuses upon driving DevOps efficiency with smarter automation and improved cross team collaboration overcoming the challenges of ‘ me too DevOps’. PinnacleQM’s Automation Services utilize leading AI and Machine Learning technologies that use natural language manual test scripts, that support any technology and any test type. Tests are uploaded and automatically executed by the AI automation platform.

PinnacleQM utilizes technology platforms to scale test execution capacity and can execute any number of tests within a defined 24/7 period making daily releases consisting of all test types an achievable outcome.

Beholding the Progressive Future

PinnacleQM’s AI and Machine Learning solution ‘Enginuity’ is building its own test scripts for client migration projects, and the cognitive calculations engine is updating test data including all the calculations at run-time. ‘Authorised’ is driving Acceptance Driven delivery and certification with automated execution and evidence capabilities for business-driven change. PinnacleQM is extending its reach and support to the business by providing business process automation services using its ‘Aurora’ RPA service solution. Aurora, automates end-to-end business processes regardless of technology or interface,

With collaboration, transparency, and flexibility at the forefront of its DevOps solutions, PinnacleQM is already at the next generation of DevOps, shifting the balance of power from development and technical code, back to more collaborative, shared set of skills.

[Jenn,“ Current models of development-focused delivery solutions do not enable collaboration, alienating business and non-technical teams. They fail to provide transparency and clarity in coverage and impact of change. PinnacleQM aims to change and significantly improve these impediments”.]

As a young and innovative company, PinnacleQM is pro-actively growing its partner ecosystem and client base. Branching out from its Australian headquarters to the wider APAC region with new offices and customers. PinnacleQM’s customers benefit by its motive of driving efficient, good quality outcomes that save the customers’ time, effort and cost. The company continues to bestow the Finance Sector, Transportation and Smarter Cities, Autonomous Vehicles along with Energy and Utilities with admirable Digital Transformation and DevOps services.

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