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Focused Business, Innovation and Expertise in Public Transport

As many state public transportation departments review their change roadmaps for their next generation transportation, systems, and ticketing solutions, they are becoming acutely aware of the challenges and complexities of these programs and the need to future proof their systems and platforms. This is further exacerbated by continuous change impact upon complex multi-vendor MaaS services that will be coming.  Osmodal Managing Director Marcus Wright says, “The alliance between Pinnacle and Osmodal was originally designed to respond to an increasing demand for expertise in the areas of digital transformation and complex systems change and this relationship provided the service capabilities and scale required by our clients locally within region”. 

Value, Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Industry Demand

To support and overcome the complex challenges faced within the industry and within the wider next generation public transportation, and MaaS service the proven international track record of both partners capabilities was a starting point for a great partnership.  Osmodal Director Scott Suine recalls, “in working together, we all had a light bulb moment, where we really began to unpack the true value and benefits to our clients that the synergies of a new joint company between Pinnacle and Osmodal really could provide to our customers and partners within the wider global operating geographies”.

The Merger

Pinnacle and Osmodal agreeing a deal that enabled the facilitation of this formal merger. This meant for Pinnacle that it will now manage the transition of its teams, client services and innovation offerings, and capabilities within Public Transport over to Osmodal.  In return, Osmodal gains two new Directors and Shareholders as Pinnacle’s Co-founders will now also take up directorship, shareholding and board positions within the Osmodal Group. Osmodal Managing Director Marcus Wright says, “this is a significant step change for Osmodal, and our customers.  When listening to our customers, this merger will provide them with the innovation, solutions and experience that they are needing and asking for. For the new-look Osmodal company, it will significantly accelerate the growth of our organisation, our offerings, our experience and facilitate Osmodal’s geographical expansion plans.  We are happy to have found a great team in Pinnacle and a company that aligns to our professional ethos and also want to exceed our company visions, plans, innovations and capabilities”.

Value to our Clients and Partners

Really was the main focus and justification of what we did and why we wanted to successfully achieve the outcome of this merger.  The synergies of delivery capabilities, the entrepreneurial injection of new the director leadership has really got us thinking differently about how we can scale, work and support our clients.  This merger allows Osmodal quickly shift its capabilities both from a local customer delivery perspective, and allow us to broaden our client service offerings in Australia and internationally.  We now also are able to scale offshore and development for unique or bespoke client solutions.  For our partners, we will have dedicated partner channels to allow for joint collaboration within delivery, technology, products and devices.  Osmodal values our existing partner relationships, and we are focused on further developing joint opportunities, capabilities and offerings that extend further to our new partner eco-sphere.

Global Delivery Director Pinnacle, Mr Ian Charlton says “Over recent years Pinnacle has been a trusted partner providing innovation and quality outcomes to next generation ticketing and fare payments services across Australia. Working with government jurisdictions and Osmodal with their like minded experts just made sense to us”.

Future of Innovation

having a dedicated business in Osmodal specialising within the target industry means the focus and our future roadmap and plan on innovation, solution and product development has been accelerated.  This is something as a service provider and products company we previously struggled to achieve working across industries and products.  What this now means for our Public Transportation clients is that we will have a whole company and dedicated development team, focused solely on solution, service and innovation development using the AI automation platforms and products along with a wide range of soon to be introduced new technologies.  This merger really does align and integrally link our innovation and technology development to client and industry demand and challenges.  Managing Director Pinnacle, Mr Gary Jenn concludes “from a solution, innovation and technology perspective, this merger now extends the client and capability focus that we have had in our AI automation platforms and services.  We are really looking forward to working internationally with Osmodal clients to solution and deploy innovation that enables clients and the public transport industry to overcome a number of their critical challenges.  In planning for this new Osmodal capability we are only starting to scratch the surface of what can offer our new clients and partners and the development of our innovation. We look forward to journey ahead, and this is certainly very exciting times”.

Pinnacle’s Future Vision

With this merger Pinnacle will now be able to focus on its remaining client industries and advancing its leading AI automation products.  Pinnacle is expanding the use of its AI automation platforms from supporting the Development to Production Automation lifecycle to working with key clients and partner to support and enable clients with technology and industry leading AI automation solutions that are developed to overcome key business challenges.  This move further extending the use of their AI capabilities into business and operations area’s which were previously untapped and not previously the focus of the scaling business.

Managing Director Pinnacle, Mr Gary Jenn says, Pinnacle is a leading specialist provider of digital business assurance services that enable clients to mitigate risk within their software and system engineering programs.  However, we align our organisation and our efforts on driving innovation to solve our customers biggest technical and business challenges.  We are not only using our AI automation platforms to overcome these business challenges, but using the agility, and scale from the virtual worker bots to drive significant scale, value, and savings within our customers organisations”.

Although there is now no direct plan for Pinnacle to continue directly working within the Public Transport sector, Pinnacles teams, capability, experience and AI automation platforms and services will still be made available to customers via the new Osmodal merger.

Global Delivery Director Pinnacle, Mr Ian Charlton says, “We look forward to the challenge of successfully growing a great business in Osmodal.  Being Directors, Board Members and Share Holders of the Osmodal Group, is a honour and a great fit for Pinnacle.  The expertise, professional experience within Public Transport spans so many years of international delivery, they are a great team”.

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About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a leading specialist provider of digital business assurance services that enable clients to mitigate risk within their software and system engineering programs. An Australian company servicing Australia, New Zealand, wider APAC and UK markets, Pinnacle partner and collaborate to enable customers to successfully deliver their initiatives whilst improving quality outcomes and delivery effectiveness. Pinnacle is an innovator and international leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence automation solutions and services. They apply this capability to automate the entire engineering and production process and not just the physical testing alone. Their solutions are designed to enhance team capacity, efficiency and scalability through the use of automation.

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About Osmodal

Osmodal Group is an independent consulting organisation providing expert advisory, project management, engineering and test assurance services to government agencies and transportation technology suppliers globally. Osmodal Group has deep experience in the transport technology and payments sectors and assists its customers in the implementation of complex projects, specialising in public transport technology, fare payments and intelligent transportation systems. Osmodal are unique in that its staff have a demonstrable record of successfully leading and implementing such systems and in addition, its team have real world experience on both the customer and supplier side.

New Osmodal Group Executive Team

With this new merger between Pinnacle and Osmodal, means the two co-founders and directors of Pinnacle will now take up seats as Directors, Shareholders and Board Members of the new Osmodal Group company.

frankmoran - Pinnacle merges transportation service line with Osmodal Group

Frank Moran

Osmodal Co-Founder & Director

gayjenn - Pinnacle merges transportation service line with Osmodal Group

Gary Jenn


iancharlton - Pinnacle merges transportation service line with Osmodal Group

Ian Charlton


scottsuine - Pinnacle merges transportation service line with Osmodal Group

Scott Suine

Osmodal Co-Founder & Director

marcuswirht - Pinnacle merges transportation service line with Osmodal Group

Marcus Wright

Osmodal Co-Founder & Director