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With more companies adopting agile and DevOps and building up local agile team capability, there is a general increase in local role demand and rates for local skilled professions is on the rise, especially when taking account of government demands for increases in mandatory Australian super contributions over the coming years. With this is mind it is key that companies leverage other innovations and strategies that help support, enable, and scale the local agile teams.
This is Pinnacle’s business model and differentiator. For years, Pinnacle has been showing the value of scaling local agile teams with applied automation, (examples including replacement of large offshore teams, with small local teams and automation to deliver significantly more at a low cost).

Pinnacle believes that this model is the way forward, to support more IT change, to support local job creation, and develop the skills needs to grow Australia’s positioning in a rapidly moving global technology race.

Pinnacle’s Digital Business Assurance and Quality Engineering services enable companies to accelerate the process of IT change, while lowering the time and maintenance costs across business and technology teams. A key factor in saving millions and months of project effort.