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Digital Transportation Transformations

Pinnacle in Transportation

The transport industry being driven to focus upon modernisation and delivering a seamless user experience.

Significant investments are being made in state government IT budgets to support the innovation, transformation, integration and adoption of digital transportation solutions and services. With disruptive, industry leading intelligent AI solutions, Pinnacle deliver on the promise of digital transportation projects across the transport industry, including MaaS, virtual and card ticketing and multi-modal service integrations.

In working with Pinnacle, you engage proven international transportation experience. We shorten the lifecycle of digital transformation through Consulting, IT Project Delivery and Business User Services. Expect a quality outcome, strong mitigation of risk and leading-edge customised AI.

With Pinnacle, our clients realise lower budgets, reduced effort and collapsed timeframes for state transportation, IT and business departments.


Pinnacle consultancy and services partner with transport client IT teams to enable their digital modernisation journey. 

In collaboration, we enable CTO’s, IT and business teams to directly address the challenges of delivering IT change, whilst minimising the impact and risks on production, and outages to end customers.

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Pinnacle is an Australian headquartered company servicing APAC, UK and USA. Our proven International consulting, advisory, delivery and services track record has been attained across the UK, Europe and the USA.  Our international team encompasses significant seniority and over 30 years experience across the relevant digital transformation disciplines.

The Pinnacle project delivery experience includes the implementation, migration, upgrade, and support of complex integrated transportation systems including, but not limited to:

  • Automated fare collection systems, smart ticketing, device, and field trials;
  • Solution design, engineering assurance and validation of user experience of interface systems;
  • Extensive detailed technical knowledge around implementing and verifying open payments processing for all combinations profile types, concessions, and tariffs within a large-scale public transport environment;
  • Integration and end to end process validation of back office systems, including integration of centralised systems and account-based, finance and payment processing across many industries with systems such as SAP and Oracle platforms. 

Industry Awards


Leading Provider of Agile Services;  and Most Promising Automotive Solutions Provider


Leading Specialist of DevOps Services


Leading APAC Testing Services Provider; and Leading Managed Services Innovator

Why Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is a specialist provider of Digital Business Assurance Services that enable companies to mitigate risk, accelerate IT and business change through supporting their teams with advisory, thought leadership, applied automation innovation, with exceptional capability and experience.

We have proven international client track record, a global network of industry thought leaders, and specialist capability that is enabled via our innovation and Research & Development AI & Machine Learning automation platforms.

What We Do

inSight Consultancy & Advisory Services: Pinnacle’s consultancy team have the industries leading experts with real world experience both locally and international.  We support clients via structured workshops, assessment and reviews to define strategy and improvement.  Our advisory services then support, coach and enable the successful implementation and delivery of change.
Systems Engineering Assurance Services: Pinnacle’s career professionals leverage our extensive library of Accelerators and Frameworks to improve delivery consistency of our Digital Business, Software and Systems Engineering Assurance engagements.  Our teams enable clients and partners to mitigate the risk of complex, multi vendor, integrated programs of change. 
Automation and Cloud Delivery Platforms: Pinnacle enables our teams, clients and partners to meet their Digital Business Assurance Services demands and to deliver IT and Business change via the use of our leading automation and cloud delivery platforms.  AWS and AZURE Australia are used to provide scalable access to both Pinnacle leading AI automation platforms along with a wide range of international vendor and open source products.
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How We Work With Transport Clients

Customer Focused: We are acutely aware and driven to solution and align our solutions to enable customer requirements including their IT and business user teams so that our solutions are effective across the IT delivery lifecycle.
Improved Collaboration: Our clients excel when we enable their teams with our expertise to create shared outcomes and remove technical blockers from collaboration between IT and business teams. Our innovation in tooling platforms and expertise leveraging leading AI, machine learning & automation improves engineering assurance outcomes with less technical complication.
Industry Focused Innovation Capability Centres: Our teams are local onsite, or locally within Australia via our capability centres, and we also scale as needed using offshore. Our cloud delivery platforms enable our teams to service you via modern scalable agile working models.

How are we different?

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Significant International Experience

Pinnacle consultants and associates are senior thought leaders within the industry.

  • Business consulting and transformation
  • Specialist industry expertise
  • Improve agile work practices and capabilities
  • Successfully enabling intelligent automation within business teams.
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Applied Innovation not Technical Complexity

Pinnacle is highly skilled in enabling clients to improve agility and efficiency by supporting and driving collaboration between non technical business teams and agile IT teams. 

By applying innovation, embedding AI intelligent automation into business teams, we reduce manual repetitive activities, increase department throughput and save time by removing the burden of business teams working in environments that are technically challenging. 

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Improve Team Skills & Capabilities

Pinnacle’s consultancy teams work with clients to define improvement and transformation roadmaps that improve internal skills and capabilities. 

We focus on improving agile business team collaboration and effectiveness. We transform the way that  non technical business teams improve their effectiveness when working within Agile and DevOps IT projects. 

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Improved Business Effectiveness

Working with company business teams, we define capability gaps, provide support, coaching, training and enable teams with access to skills covering a wide range of Agile roles.  

Our experienced consulting teams help companies to overcome the challenges applying automation into business teams, working processes to improve the business efficiency, savings, scalability and throughput.

A Breakdown of Pinnacle Transportation Clients

Chief Technology Officer

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CTO’s juggle a challenging ever shifting landscape, where improved digital business assurance is of paramount importance to managing risk, quality, cost and speed of delivering IT Change. There is ever increasing pressure to see successful implementation and adoption of digital systems, without negative local or national press. CTO’s and their budgets are under the spotlight, as demand for “complex integrated digital” services increases to be critical to the success of delivering a best in class modern customer centric experience in seamless transportation services.

Continuous change and rapid implementation and integration of complex legacy and new transportation platforms continually increase the risk of impacting key business functions. Impacts include an increasing risk of production failures from defect leakage, and business teams being taken away from their own critical job roles to support IT change projects.

Pinnacle consultancy and services enable CTO’s and their IT teams to directly address these challenges and enable effective and scalable quality transportation transformation at speed without increasing production risk. Pinnacle do this by leveraging our international industry experience, providing our leading expertise, innovation and solutions, to allow transportation IT and business teams to achieve better digital outcomes.

IT project teams within digital transportation programs are at the forefront of needing to implement and deliver successful quality program outcomes.

Pinnacle work with IT project teams to support and enable successful delivery of their digital modernisation and transformation programs. Pinnacle inSight consultancy provides strategy and direction in Agile and DevOps and Pinnacle delivery services support and enable IT project teams to mitigate production risks with leading digital business assurance services.

Our industry leading AI automation solutions scale IT project team throughput and capacity on a 24/365 basis and allow them to meet increased demand and in IT change with less time, effort and cost.

IT Project Teams

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Business Teams

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Pinnacle works with and enables business teams to significantly reduce the time and effort burden of supporting IT projects, whilst significantly improving quality acceptance outcomes, and team viability. Pinnacle uses its industry experience, frameworks, IP, accelerators and AI automation platforms to drive the maximum value out of every hour that the business teams are engaged in supporting the IT change process. We achieve higher levels of outcome at speed and one reason for this is our adaption of natural language AI tools, rather than relying on high levels of maintenance hungry code.

In addition, our consultants work with business teams to apply our leading automation solutions to reduce time consuming repetitive administration, and business reporting tasks. This allows these teams to increases their focus, time and effort on greater value business tasks and activities.

Outcomes, Benefits and Savings for Transportation Customers

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CTO and Leadership Team

Engagement, service and commercial outcomes, benefits and savings for CTO’s and senior leadership teams are often structured to enable the organisation to align and achieve the overall strategic direction:

  • Enable improved quality and delivery maturity levels improving quality delivery outcomes and a reduction of production issues within IT
  • Enable improvement or adoption of agile or DevOps to reduce time to production project lead times
  • Increase the adoption of a smart automation strategy to drive savings in manual effort and year on year cost savings


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IT Project Team

Engagement, service and commercial outcomes for IT project teams, tend to be focused around given “delivery” outcomes, benefits and savings these may include:

  • Effort and project delivery duration savings
  • Improved coverage and risk mitigation
  • Automation of given systems and technologies
  • Creation and execution of test work packages
  • Reduction of defect leakage from UAT through to production



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Business Team

Engagement, service and commercial outcomes, benefits and savings for business units and their team, often focus on:

  • Enabling the team to introduce smart automation to reduce the time and effort on mundane repeatable activities
  • Improve their current interaction, communication and visibility from their engagements with IT
  • Enable improvement and ongoing validation of their production systems
  • Enable smart ways to reduce the time demanded of business teams to support continuous programs of IT change

Our Industry Accelerators

Pinnacle has a wealth of accelerators that have been created to enable a long and established track record of successful client delivery services. These include:

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Consulting and Advisory

Pinnacle’s inSight capability offers experienced consultants, focused accelerators, frameworks, structured workshops, methodologies and hybrid best of breed industry solutions to enable companies to improve their IT delivery maturity, capability, skills and effectiveness.

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Delivery Services

Pinnacle’s Industry Centres of Competency has teams focused upon building industry experience, and delivering client services, accelerators, frameworks and delivery KIT Bag assets. This improves delivery consistency, reduces learning curves and reduces time and effort in project delivery.

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Intelligent Automation

Pinnacle has a conducted machine learning and has automated capability and accelerators available “Out of the Box” for a range of industry transportation technologies, and back office systems.

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Our Industry Innovations

Pinnacle continues to work in collaboration and partnership with our customers and industry partners today to ensure that we can leverage industry leading next generation innovation and solutions that deliver significant value, benefit and savings to our customers transportation modernisation programs.

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Automating Transportation Systems

Pinnacle’s automation capability does not stop with testing of applications and business processes. We work with transportation clients to significantly improve scale, throughput and reduce time and effort within business acceptance of IT change.

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Pinnacle’s automation capabilities in smart ticketing enable the testing and validation of daily full peak transactions levels. Our AI automation platform automatically create tests, expected results, execute test, validate results and creates defects. We also automate creation of test data and use smart obfuscation of personal information.

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Field Trials

Pinnacle’s has a range of solutions and service capabilities that are designed and focused upon validating the end user experience within the filed prior to deployment to the public.
Solutions include the automated validation of smart ticketing devices, personal mobile devices along with validation network coverage.


Centralised management platform for requirements, testing, defects and reporting

ENGINUITY - transport

AI automation for IT project development & testing

ENIGMA - transport

AI automation of customer card payment data obfuscation

AUTHORISE 1024x198 - transport

AI automation for agile business user acceptance

Aurora - transport

AI automation applied for business process automation

Our Agile and DevOps Delivery Frameworks

Understanding and de-risking the complex challenges of transportation in a quality outcomes at speed in the Agile and DevOps world…

SPEED - transport


  • Quality Outcomes are front-and-centre of system Engineering Assurance
  • Great end user experience leads to a positive uptake of transport services
  • Acceptance Driven assurance methodology drives alignment, efficient and pragmatic user sign off
  • Applied innovation, tools platforms and techniques to ensure a great end-user experience


  • Quality “BUILT IN” (QBI) System Engineering Assurance Processes
  • Detect issues quickly and as early as possible
  • Collaborative Triage & root cause analysis targets continuous improvement


  • Apply leading innovation and technologies including test automation
  • RIGHT first time
  • Maximise reuse – use of accelerators, delivery assets, templates, kitbags, information, data and experience



  • Partnership in Transportation and Ticketing Capability & Expertise:
  • Access to industry thought leaders
  • Industry leading Cloud-enabled delivery platform with international vendor and open source engineering assurance tools
  • Automation solutions that support any technology and true end to end process automation capability


  • Identify & prioritise RISK
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Based Testing Frameworks
  • Ensure robust coverage and condition analysis
  • Automation to mitigate risk from early and continuous validation and verification of assurance demands
  • Access to and leveraging industry expertise and career professionals

Voice of the Customer

Testimonial details…/> “Lots of our teams here are working on complex technologies and integration projects. However, most of our best team members are not technical in nature. We use Enginuity to automate all our systems, technologies and testing, it is really good. We no long battle with coding errors and constantly needing to change scripts or increase the team size like using our old test automation tools. Pinnacle allows my whole team to automate their testing, and we are able to so much more testing”
- Transportation -
Head of QA and Testing
Testimonial details…/> “we focus on ensuring the general public are able to successfully and confidently use the public transportation network. We want ALL of the public to enjoy a usable, performant and seamless experience anywhere on the network. Our systems are using the latest industry technologies and integrations to deliver digital services to the traveling public, although as a business team we are not technical. We used to spend lots of our time on IT projects. Since working with Pinnacle my whole team has more time to focus on our jobs, the public user experience and the acceptance of change without all the effort to support IT. Now use Authorise to automate much of our UAT testing, along with business processes and reporting. Best of all, as business users we can understand and build our own automation to have virtual workers run activities for us. I am happy they that work all day and all night on supporting IT projects so I no longer have to”
- Transportation -
Manager of Customer Experience
Testimonial details…/> “I have know a number of the team at Pinnacle for many years, from delivery of transportation programs in Australia and Europe. We have recently engaged Pinnacle for some consultancy here that focused on trouble shooting and improving our current delivery. They helped us to target and close out over 80% of our current defects in the upcoming project releases and with in production. Resolving our technical backlog issues was a problem for us for a long time, and Pinnacle completed the outcome in just 2 releases. The cost of the defects we were carrying was significant, incurring contractual financial penalties. Working with the Pinnacle team meant that we are now no longer incurring production financial penalties, and the savings made in just the last 2 months have more than covered the engagement costs many times over. We will continue using their automation services, as they continue to provide me with savings in this and other parts of my business”
- Healthcare -
VP of APAC Transportation Services
Testimonial details…/> “We have delivered a number of projects with team at Pinnacle, and they always go that extra mile and deliver beyond what is required. I am glad to work with them and to have their experience and automation technologies in my projects. Keep up the great work, we could not do it without you!”
- Public Transport -
Program Manager Transportation Service Provider