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Digital Healthcare Service Efficiency

Healthcare Requires Improved Digital Business Assurance

We know that your healthcare organisations and CTO’s are juggling a challenging landscape. As IT change is implemented into hospitals, and state or nation wide healthcare providers, our team minimises the impact to your business and your patients.

Pinnacle’s international thought leadership and innovation means that we have the experience you need to successfully deliver a complex digital healthcare program in record time. We are known for saving healthcare businesses over $10 million and 12 months during IT Change projects, using our proprietary software and user testing tools.

We specialise in managing the risks, quality, cost and speed of delivering and maintaining IT Change within the healthcare industry.

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  • Application of Intelligent solutions
  • Streamline your automation and efficiency
  • Free up your team for critical patient care
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  • Legacy system integrations
  • Agile and DevOps methodology
  • Enable digital business assurance

Think Differently? We Do

Pinnacle consultancy and services partner with transport client IT teams to enable their digital modernisation journey. 

In collaboration, we enable CTO’s, IT and business teams to directly address the challenges of delivering IT change, whilst minimising the impact and risks on production, and outages to end customers.

Pinnacle Advantage

Our consultancy and services work with existing Healthcare IT teams to accelerate digital Healthcare adoption.

In collaboration, we enable your CTO, IT and hospital team to directly address the challenges of delivery whilst minimising the impact of IT change.

How is Pinnacle Different?

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significant international experience

Pinnacle consultants and associates are global citizens and senior thought leaders within the industry.  Our team of skilled transformation experts enables intelligent automation and agile work practices, often more effectively than tier one QM firms.

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Applied Innovation not Technical Complexity

Pinnacle automation tools provide a significant upgrade to automation systems that have high man hours and systems maintenance requirements.

We provide low maintenance, natural language, non technical scripts available for reusing across all AI Automation platforms in project and production environments. 

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improve team skills & capabilities

Our improvement and transformation roadmaps upgrade team skills and capabilities. Through facilitated collaboration and effectiveness when working within Agile and DevOps IT projects, we provide unique support for technical and non-technical teams.

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improved business effectiveness

We define capability gaps, provide support, coaching, training and enable your business teams to access skills covering a wide range of Agile roles.

Healthcare Consumers of Pinnacle Services

Chief Technology Officer

Continuous government, industry and legislation change in addition to rapid technology shifts, introduce business risk in implementation and maintaining complex integrated healthcare platforms.

With the ever increasing pressure to see successful implementation and adoption of digital systems, without negative local or national press has never been greater.

CTO’s and their budgets are under the spot light as demand for “Digital Healthcare” services increases to be critical to patient care. Issue leakage to production to unplanned system outages, significant impact to user and public confidence, risks patient safety and damages long term system useability.

IT Teams

IT project teams within digital health programs are at the forefront of needing to implement and deliver successful digital health programs.

PinnacleQM work with IT project teams to support and enable successful delivery of their digital health programs. PinnacleQM inSight consultancy provides strategy and direction in Agile and DevOps. Whilst PinnacleQM services support Healthcare IT project teams to mitigate change risks with leading digital assurance services, and industry leading AI automation solutions that scale IT project team throughput and capacity to meet the increased demand and in IT changes.

Clinical Teams

Hospital and ward staff are often frustrated with IT functions, and the view that IT believe they can obtain the time of clinical teams as a way of getting free experienced end users to reduce the costs to their IT budgets.

Pinnacle understands this frustration and knows that time supporting IT change is precious, often with patient and ward healthcare being impacted… Every hour that clinical teams are engaged in IT change project means another hour that the teams are away from the ward delivering valuable patient care.

Pinnacle works with IT and clinical teams to drive a significant reduction in time and effort burden of supporting IT projects, and thus giving the time back to the end patients.

Intelligent AI Automation for Quality Engineering at Speed

Enabling Digital Healthcare Project Teams

“On the ground healthcare professionals” want to use new and innovative digital healthcare platforms and solutions to:

  • Reduce wasted time on administration
  • Improve their day jobs by removing repetition and the mundane
  • Improve the focus upon one on one patient care

The reality of many digital health programs is often that the opposite happens. The IT team drain large amounts of clinical team time to provide support, input and testing over many iterations before IT change implementation.

Pinnacle understands first hand that clinical team time is precious. Every hour spent by a clinical team member on an IT change projects means another hour away from the ward delivering valuable patient care.  Through our AI and ML solutions we significantly reduce that burden and increase use case scenarios. The results is more robust solutions delivered far faster than via traditional methods.

qmfactory1 - healthcare
Central Command
  • Supports FULL IT life-cycle
  • Manages reuse of assets across all products within the life-cycle
  • Ground-up developed agile tool
  • Integrates via API to external systems
  • Supports agile & waterfall projects
  • Platform schedules automation runs
  • Reports and dashboard output
  • Conversion from HP ALM and others
  • API Integration with ‘third party’ products and tools
Centralised repository for managing and reusing all AI Automation and reporting throughout the life cycle
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AI Automation for IT
Project Development & Testing
  • Natural language test scripts, with NO technical test tool scripts to create or maintain
  • Team collaboration for Agile & DevOps
  • Supports ANY application technology
  • SIT test automation across applications
  • Scaled virtual tester execution, ALL tests executed in hours
  • Integration to physical device labs
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboards and defect management
Automation testing healthcare application UI, interface and end to end business process
healthtest - healthcare
AI automation of healthcare
data obfuscation and HL7 messaging
  • Unpack & sort production HL7 messages by type
  • Smart obfuscation of sensitive and patient personal data from testing retains future obfuscated data integrity
  • Automatic creation of:
  • - Test scripts
    - Test expected results
  • Comparison testing
  • Parallel multi point verification (legacy, test & pre prod environments)
Automated testing of healthcare API, integration, middleware & data
authorise1 - healthcare
AI automation for
agile business user acceptance
  • Reduces business user effort on UAT from months of work down to days
  • Collaborative and clear acceptance driven delivery model
  • Automated execution of test cycles
  • Online review of real time evidence capture linked to acceptance criteria
  • Online report generation and sign off
Enables business users in agile delivery to improve collaboration & reduce their effort in agile sprints & acceptance
aurora1 - healthcare
AI automation applied for
business process automation
  • automated high volume and repetitive healthcare transactions and end to end processes
  • supports full stack automation of healthcare application, interfaces, integration and messaging
  • advanced capability in document and object recognition
  • attended and unattended automated processing
  • non technical business user creation and maintenance of automated processes
reuse AI automation work instructions from testing for robotic process automation in production

Chief Technology Officer

With the ever increasing pressure to see successful implementation and adoption of digital systems, without negative local or national press has never been greater. CTO’s and their budgets are under the spot light as demand for “complex integrated digital” services increases to be critical to the success of delivering modern customer and business banking.

Continuous change and rapid implementation and integration of complex banking platforms, old and new continually increase the risk of impacting key business functions, increases the risk of production failures from defect leakage. Whilst business teams within the bank are often required to spend time continuously supporting IT change projects rather than focusing upon their own critical job role activities.

CTO’s juggle a challenging ever shifting landscape, where improved digital business assurance is of paramount importance to managing risk, quality, cost and speed of delivering IT Change. Pinnacle consultancy and services enable CTO’s and their IT teams to directly address these challenges and enable effective and scalable quality banking transformation at speed without increasing production risk. PinnacleQM do this by leveraging our international industry experience, providing our leading expertise, innovation and solutions, that allow banking teams to achieve their digital outcomes.

IT Project Teams

IT project teams within digital baking programs are at the forefront of needing to implement and deliver successful digital health programs.

Pinnacle work with IT project teams to support and enable successful delivery of their digital health programs.  Pinnacle inSight consultancy provides strategy and direction in Agile, DevOps and AI Automation.  Whilst Pinnacle delivery services support banking IT project teams to mitigate change risks with leading digital business assurance services, and industry leading AI automation solutions that scale IT project team throughput and capacity to meet the increased demand and in IT changes.

Business Teams

Pinnacle works with and helps business teams to significantly reduce the time and effort burden of supporting IT projects down to as little as possible, whilst significantly improving quality outcomes and team viability.  Pinnacle ensures that we use our experience, frameworks, IP, accelerators and AI automation platforms to drive the maximum value out of every hour with the business banking teams and that the IT change process as never wastes the time of these critical resources and minimised their time out from their important patient duties.  In addition, our consultants work with banking teams to apply leading automation solutions to reduce time consuming repetitive administration tasks.  This increases focus, time and effort on greater value direct patient care tasks and activities.

Intelligent AI Automation for Healthcare Business Processes

image19 - healthcare

repetitive IT tasks

Automated everyday IT administrative tasks, build and deployment activities, security and reporting.

image22 - healthcare

repetitive business tasks

Automated healthcare administrative tasks, reporting, order processing and invoicing.

image6 - healthcare

data capture and reporting

Capture system or file data, conducted automated data entry and automatically collate data from multiple sources for report generation or record creation.

image14 - healthcare

automated cross system processing

Automation of healthcare processes across system landscape, integration and technologies. 

enabling healthcare teams to create and maintain their own automated processes, with the use of simple natural language work instructions and no technical code to create or maintain.

image29 - healthcare

end to end 24/7 processing

Delivering end to end process automation services that deliver upon a 24/7 basis against service level and throughput agreements.

across business departments, and out to external services and partners – we support that too…

image12 - healthcare

scale capacity & throughput of healthcare

Enabling health teams, departments and technologies to scale the throughput & capacity.

Free healthcare professions from administration overheads to focus patient centric value add activities.  Same team sizes with increased throughput, and patient hours of productivity.

uipath - healthcare
automation anywhere - healthcare
micro focus - healthcare
blueprism - healthcare
aurora new - healthcare

Managed AI Automated Healthcare Processes as a Service

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Customers reviewing and defining their business strategy often focus upon driving efficiency and productivity gains as a means to lower cost, and in the process they removed the burden of NON CORE Business Functions. This frees up budgets and staff to focus on critical patient focused activities and supporting new project focused digital health initiatives.

4 - healthcare

Business Process “Slithers” for a given Healthcare organisations are defined, ringfenced and then delivered as an Automated Services to drive these efficiencies.

The move to Pinnacle managed automated business process services facilitates this business outcome and ensures that the processes provided as a service are managed in line with business change, and operate against service schedules & SLA’s.

reduce settigns - healthcare
Remove repetitive high volume low value administration tasks
reduce111 - healthcare
Significantly reduce processing time over manual activities
cccincreasing stocks graphic - healthcare
Increased throughput and removal of process backlogs
automation process - healthcare
Automated process is cheaper to run than the manual workforce equivalent
reduce settigns - healthcare
No downtime, personnel costs, working hour constraints, equipment or office overheads

Benefits and Savings of Pinnacle Quality Outcomes

Leveraging the power of AI Automation to enable the implementation and maintenance of Integrated Digital Healthcare
Senior Integration Project Manager
– Healthcare –
We used Enigma to obfuscate huge volumes of Patient records. Other products we assessed lacked Enigma’s scalability and advanced Al to replace nicknames and identify Personally Identified Information in free-format fields such as Doctor’s Notes. Using Enigma, we were able to obfuscate data in millions of records daily.“Enigma allowed me to demonstrate that my $200m program was fully compliant with Data Privacy regulations”