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Digital Banking & Financial Services

Pinnacle has a proven international Banking & Finance track record, with experience of providing Consulting, IT Project Delivery and Business User Services across a wide range of areas within the banking sector.  Our successfully delivered engagements focus on ensuring a quality outcome, mitigation of risk, and the use of leading AI automation solutions and services to scale team capacity to reduce the cost of both effort and time to state banking departments.

AI Solutions Increase Banking Team Throughput

With a significant amount of IT budget and time being spent on new IT changes, Pinnacle enables and supports banking departments to apply intelligent automation solutions to increase team capacity and throughput via the use of virtual workers that execute tests, business processes, admin processes and reporting. This releases business users and banking professionals from the burden of low value administrative tasks to support IT project changes and increase the time available to provide high value activities associated with their day jobs.

Risk Mitigation During Accelerated IT Transitions

With increased adoption of agile and DevOps to aid rapid deployment of IT changes that transition legacy banking systems and complex integration into new era of high iterative levels of change and a transition to new digital banking landscapes.  

With the adoption of high volumes of change, this equally raises the levels of production impacts and RISK within the complex integrated banking platform. 

The need to effectively manage and mitigate these risks and outages to ensure quality outcomes has never been greater.

Pinnacle is an Australian specialist supplier that supports and enables banking teams to meet their digital business assurance and digital transformation challenges. 

Why Pinnacle?

Pinnacle has a strong proven track record of delivering and enabling international banking and finance projects. industry experience of successfully delivering IT projects and technologies that have evolved the state business IT landscape.  Pinnacle’s leading innovation and solutions, is backed up by a proven delivery capability that mitigates production and patient risk from complex IT change. We work with state banking organisations to reduce the time, effort and cost of achieving their digital outcomes whilst mitigating their operational risks through accelerated business assurance outcomes.

Pinnacle Accelerating Digital Business Assurance
and Quality Engineering Outcomes

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Project Delivery Services

Project Delivery Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

Platform Subscription Services

Platform Subscription Services

Our Core Capabilities

Strategy, Assessment and Advisory

Strategy, Assessment and Advisory

Independent Business Assurance & Governance

Independent Business Assurance & Governance

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Intelligent Delivery Automation Services

Intelligent Delivery Automation Services

Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

Environment & Data

Environment & Data

Intelligent Business Automation Services

Intelligent Business Automation Services

Tooling Platform as a Services

Tooling Platform as a Services

How are we different?

earth - banking

International Experience

Pinnacle consultants and associates are senior thought leaders within the industry. Through business consulting and AI we assist clients to achieve IT transformation at speed, improve their agile and DevOps maturity, work practices and capabilities.

puzzle - banking

Project and

Pinnacle have a proven international client project and service delivery track record spanning more than 30 years within the Banking and Finance industry sector. We focus on risk mitigation and seamless transition between legacy and new technologies.

userinsds - banking

Innovation not
Technical Complexity

Pinnacle supports and drives improved team capability, and collaboration between non-technical, business teams, and IT teams. Business users focus on their day jobs, and our AI and codeless solutions substantially increase speed and reduce costs.

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Improved Teams and
Delivery & Business Effectiveness

Pinnacle defines improvement and transformation roadmaps that improve team skills and capabilities to mitigate risk, increase throughput and reduce costs. Our methods improve agility and collaboration within IT, non-technical and business teams, via AI and transformation lifecycle solutions.

Banking Consumers of Pinnacle Services

Chief Technology Officer

With the ever increasing pressure to see successful implementation and adoption of digital systems, without negative local or national press has never been greater. CTO’s and their budgets are under the spot light as demand for “complex integrated digital” services increases to be critical to the success of delivering modern customer and business banking.

Continuous change and rapid implementation and integration of complex banking platforms, old and new continually increase the risk of impacting key business functions, increases the risk of production failures from defect leakage. Whilst business teams within the bank are often required to spend time continuously supporting IT change projects rather than focusing upon their own critical job role activities.

CTO’s juggle a challenging ever shifting landscape, where improved digital business assurance is of paramount importance to managing risk, quality, cost and speed of delivering IT Change. Pinnacle consultancy and services enable CTO’s and their IT teams to directly address these challenges and enable effective and scalable quality banking transformation at speed without increasing production risk. PinnacleQM do this by leveraging our international industry experience, providing our leading expertise, innovation and solutions, that allow banking teams to achieve their digital outcomes.

IT Project Teams

IT project teams within digital baking programs are at the forefront of needing to implement and deliver successful digital health programs.

Pinnacle work with IT project teams to support and enable successful delivery of their digital health programs.  Pinnacle inSight consultancy provides strategy and direction in Agile, DevOps and AI Automation.  Whilst Pinnacle delivery services support banking IT project teams to mitigate change risks with leading digital business assurance services, and industry leading AI automation solutions that scale IT project team throughput and capacity to meet the increased demand and in IT changes.

Business Teams

Pinnacle works with and helps business teams to significantly reduce the time and effort burden of supporting IT projects down to as little as possible, whilst significantly improving quality outcomes and team viability.  Pinnacle ensures that we use our experience, frameworks, IP, accelerators and AI automation platforms to drive the maximum value out of every hour with the business banking teams and that the IT change process as never wastes the time of these critical resources and minimised their time out from their important patient duties.  In addition, our consultants work with banking teams to apply leading automation solutions to reduce time consuming repetitive administration tasks.  This increases focus, time and effort on greater value direct patient care tasks and activities.

Banking & Finance Software Companies

In the competitive marketing of providing specialist software solutions to the Banking and Finance industry the time, effort and cost associated with the implementation, migration and integration of the product is as critical as the on going cost of ownership.  Banks are selecting their products based upon the low risk and cost profiles, and Pinnacle helps Software Companies be competitive, win and retain more clients.

We work with specialist software solution companies, to ensure that they can reduce the risk, duration, effort and cost that block the purchase of their products.  We are able to support and enable their project implementation and deployment teams to ensure that deliver with agility, scalability, capacity and throughput that only our leading AI automation services and experienced teams can provide.  We are also helping vendors validate their integrated end to end processes and get quick and efficient user acceptance for the new implementation of the systems.

In the true spirt of partnership Pinnacle goes beyond helping its Software customers to successfully implement there solutions.  

We work in partnership with our clients using of our industry leading AI automation platforms to quickly and efficiently QA and validate all their products (base versions), along with each specific client variant build.  

These Pinnacle services ensure that our customers within an Agile world of rapid change can validate and regression test all product and integration changes, along with frequent product patching and enhancement changes within hours and deploy with confidence.

Pinnacle Innovations and Accelerators

AI Automation Innovation

Applying Advanced AI Automation provides a unique capability to enable collaboration between agile IT and business teams.  

Overcome banking and finance challenges within digital transformation projects, and provide improved team scale, capacity and throughput via the use of intelligent automation to significant de-risk change. 

Enginuity applied automation for digital banking projects

Applying Intelligent AI Automation
within testing of Digital Banking

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Automation testing of full stack application technologies

  • application UI (all technologies)
  • Interfaces, integration & end to end processes
  • comms & message layer
  • API, services & replicated service calls
  • databases, data sources & data objects

Enginuity automating the test process not just the testing

Intelligent automation services for migration and mergers, automating the validation of System, Integration, Data and Business Processes.

Enginuity automatically created automated Migration test scripts

Banking Customers
Customer bank accounts
Automated test scripts created
ALL in mins


tests run
per day
gartner logo white - banking

“Organizations must deliver agile projects with speed, high quality and minimal rework. 

This challenge is driving the need for increased automation. Intelligent automation provides huge potential for greater productivity and efficiency in application testing, at a lower cost”.

Authorise Reduces The IT Change Burden on Banking & Finance Business Teams

authorise1 300x75 - banking

Pinnacle’s “Authorise” AI automation platform is improving collaboration, engagement effectiveness and reducing the time and effort in business teams supporting user acceptance activities within IT change projects.

image28 300x300 - banking
improve Collaboration in
Supporting IT Change

Collaboration & clear communication with non technical business teams, and save time via the use of the Authorised non technical, automated acceptance framework.  Real-time video evidence capture, online dashboards, reports and sign off capabilities.  Reducing time and effort required to support IT projects, and allows increased ward duty time.

Picture2 1 - banking
Improve Banking Professional
Utilisation In IT Projects​

Acceptance driven testing using the Authorised framework and tools, automates the user acceptance process providing real time video evidence of signoff & approval. This approach significantly reduces the need to pull business teams from their day jobs for each agile project sprint.  Allowing effort and time to be focused back upon high value business user day job activities.

11search - banking
Rapid Certification and
Compliance Assessment

Create bespoke client centric certification criteria, or upload industry compliance or regulatory requirements.  The Authorised Framework Tools automates the certification and execution process, whilst providing the results within the online evidence dashboard.

Intelligent Automation For Banking and
Finance Business Brocesses

comp 300x300 - banking
IT tasks

Automated everyday IT administrative tasks, build and deployment activities, security and reporting.

Picture6 1 - banking
business tasks

Automated administrative tasks, reporting, order processing and invoicing.

Picture9 1 - banking
Data Capture
and Reporting

Capture system or file data, conducted automated data entry and automatically collate data from multiple sources for report generation or record creation.

04 2 blue - banking
automated cross
system processing

Automation of business processes across system landscape, integration and technologies. 

Enabling teams to create and maintain their own automated processes, with the use of simple natural language work instructions and no technical code to create or maintain.

cnctd 300x300 - banking
end to end
24/7 processing

End to end process automation services that deliver upon a 24/7 basis against service levels and throughput/ capacity agreements.

Automating across business departments, and out to external services and partners 

We can support that too.

pple 300x300 - banking
Scale Capacity & Throughput Of Banking
and Finance Business Teams

Enabling business teams, departments to scale throughput & capacity via innovation in technology not increased team hiring costs.

Free up business professionals from mundane, repetitive administration and project support activities to focus on value add business activities.  Same team sizes with increased throughput, capacity and productivity.

managed automated banking
& finance processes “as a service”

07 blue - banking

Customers reviewing and defining their business strategy often focus upon driving efficiency and productivity gains as a means to lower cost, often choose to remove the need to process and own the administration of NON CORE Business Functions.  Freeing up their budgets and teams to focus on more valuable and productive business and end customer improvement activities.

4 - banking

Business Process “Slithers” for a given organisation are defined, ringfenced and then delivered as an Automated Services.  The move to Pinnacle managed automated business process services facilitates this business outcome and ensures that the business processes that are provided as a service are managed in line with business change, and operate 24/7 against service schedules & SLA’s.

image1 - banking
Remove repetitive high volume low value administration tasks
reduce 002 - banking
Significantly reduce processing time over manual activities
cccincreasing stocks graphic - banking
Increased throughput and removal of process backlogs
04 2 blue - banking
Automated process is cheaper to run than the manual workforce equivalent
stopwatch - banking
No downtime, personnel costs, working hour constraints, equipment or office overheads


thinking differently about test automation

automated conversion of selenium tests to Enginuity

automation tests
lines of selenium
code to maintain
ALL in

lines of technical code in Enginuity

Enginuity AI automation platform
runs it all with NO code

Enginuity Virtual Testers

automating the test process not just the testing

automated conversion of selenium tests to Enginuity


lines of selenium code to maintain
in mins

lines of technical code in Enginuity

Enginuity AI automation platform
runs it all with NO code

case studies

voice of the customer

"We engaged PinnacleQM to deliver 100% coverage of our customer accounts for our replacement Internet Banking platform. Enigma obfuscated our customer personal details and then automatically generated all the necessary test cases. Testing for all our customers was completed in days rather than months.
I was able to sleep the night before cutover with confidence knowing every financial transaction for every customer account had been verified"
-Australian Bank -
"As a lending specialist within the banks lending group, we are focused on ensuring we provide and processing all our customers loan requests quickly and accurately. In the new agile world we are required to support a lot IT project changes.
Previously we would document all our tests and then technical IT teams would then convert these to automation code. Now we Enginuity we just upload our business and application tests to the Enginuity automation tool and it is executed without all the effort and time wasted trying to get IT to understand what we needed testing"
- Banking -
Lending Specialist
"I don't know where to begin, I don't usually write references to people or companies. I was a little sceptical about what Pinnacle was saying they could offer us at first. However, now am amazed at how good they ore and how easy they are to work with. They get stuff automated, working and robust where the BIG BOYS in the market fail. They have great tech and a great team"
- Banking -
Corporate Al and Automation Services
"Great job from the workshops through to close. Great tool, even I could use it! ;of Great visibility and communication keeping us up to date. I like that 1 only had to spend a little time providing input into the project and then conduct a few hours of UAT once we had visually seen the acceptance videos "pass". Nice Touch! All the team here hope all projects run like this in the future..."
- Banking -
Credit Team