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Accelerated digital business assurance services

Partner To Find a Safe Pair of Hands That Mitigate Risk From IT Change

Organisations and their CTO’s the world over juggle a challenging, ever shifting IT landscape. Typical solutions include hundreds of man hours, many months and millions of dollars. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Pinnacle is a global leader in providing quality management consultancy, solutions and services across the full IT delivery life cycle. We are the safe pair of hands in IT enablement, trusted globally by leading government and privately run corporations.

Our proven model minimises man hours (of effort) and ongoing maintenance to deliver IT projects. With a successful international track record, of leading accelerators, frameworks, automation solutions and our world class expertise, we save our clients millions of dollars and fast track their digital transformation journeys.

We accelerate business and IT teams to achieve quality outcomes at speed.

Our core capabilities

Platform Subscription Services

Pinnacle leading cloud delivery platforms provide clients with access to many of the well known global vendor and open source products as well as all of Pinnacle’s AI automation platforms. Available upon AWS and Azure as an integrated platform as a service.

Recognised Differentiation

Imagine you were able to accelerate your digital business assurance outcomes through a partnership that enables your teams with world class thinking, experience and leading innovation. Pinnacle tailor better client services that provide value and savings, through scalable intelligent automation.

Our clients benefit from the utilisation of over 30 years of international IT experience across a range of industries, technologies, and applications.

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International industry experience and capability that is aligned to specific customer industry and digital transformation demands. leading provider of Digital Business Assurance Services, across industry sectors and technologies.
Proven Expertise
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Deliver IT and business change more quickly, with less effort, and lower cost than traditional methods without accepting comprise or risk
Mitigate Risk
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Innovative R&D labs creating a suite of products, supporting all technologies, and leveraging a common scalable Machine Learning & AI Automation platform
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Over 30 years international experience & capabilities providing a full range of Quality Management services
International Experience
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Enable customers to increase their adoption of Automation with asset reuse across all areas of the business
Enable Automation
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Help clients overcome Digital Transformation, Automation, Quality Management, and Testing challenges, keeping projects on track, on time, and within budget
digital challenges

Our client outcomes

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de-risk IT change

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accelerate quality outcomes

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define strategy and roadmap

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radically reduce program costs

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reduce external manpower hours

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maximise Agile and DevOps utilisation

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ease internal team down time

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Faster Time to Market

Leading Digital Business Assurance for Enterprise Systems

Pinnacle is leading the industry in providing International Enterprise Systems clients with services and solutions that is supporting and enabling their digital transformation journeys.

Pinnacle is leveraging significant experience to provide scalable capability both locally and offshore to successfully deliver migration and upgrade, integration to operations and business systems along with efficient services to reduce the ongoing time, effort and cost of support and maintenance.

Our Tools and Accelerators

We define and implement the best practice leading brand tools alongside our own proprietary products to generate faster outcomes for every industry and every IT transformation project.


Using natural language to enable non-technical teams, Aurora re-surfaces Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning automation platforms. Aurora provides faster, lower cost business process automation and RPA automated business tasks and activities.

mitigate risk

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Authorise improves collaboration between technical IT and business teams and provides clarity and evidence that acceptance criteria are met. Authorise automates all business user activities and tracks industry and business certification and compliance requirements.


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Autonomy is Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning platform for the purpose of real-time testing self-driving vehicles.  Our “in vehicle” AI platform takes in real-time vehicle, lidar, camera and sensor data. The AI then executes vehicle test scenarios using a threat library built up of close to a million vehicle driving hours.


A hybrid intelligent automation platform that resurfaces Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning capabilities.  Used for application testing of systems, interfaces, and e2e processes. BankTest uses natural language, non technical, low maintenance no code scripting and supports international banking message standards. Virtual testers provide on demand 24/365 limitless test execution.


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Resurfaces Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning platform for the purpose of applying intelligent automation to overcome the challenges of creating, maintaining and scaling Test Data. Enigma protects personally identifiable information, sensitive personal and commercially sensitive data yet enables real use case testing at volume. Enigma can be configured to support international industry data standards.

mitigate risk

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Intelligent Dev Test automation using Pinnacle’s AI and Machine Learning platform. Designed to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining large library's of technical coded scripts.  Allowing all users to automate, applications, interfaces and e2e processes of any system technology, via natural language, non technical, low maintenance no code scripting.  Scaleable virtual testers run 24/365 to support all your Dev Test automation regardless of the number of tests.


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A hybrid intelligent automation platform that resurfaces Pinnacle’s leading AI and Machine Learning capabilities.  Used for validating patient health records, with full support of international and customised HL7 messaging, smart obfuscation, along with automated creation and execution of tests. HealthTest’s AI scales to create, obfuscate and execute millions of patient health record checks everyday.


Pinnacle’s INsight capability offers experienced consultants, focused accelerators, frameworks, structured workshops, methodologies and IP to enable higher levels of client IT delivery maturity and skill sets.

mitigate risk

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We innovated our mobile and device testing using codeless natural work instructions that drive a scalable virtual workforce with reusable test assets. Msight integrates with many solutions and external physical or cloud based device labs, via UXPerform.


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QMFactory enables organisations to effectively release high-quality IT change using different delivery methodologies including, Agile, DevOps, hybrid, and even waterfall.


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UXperform overcomes user testing issues utilising Pinnacle’s leading AI platform and scalable virtual works capability. This breakthrough solution enables teams to verify, track, monitor and report on end user performance engineering activities regardless of system technologies used.

our industries

banking and finance

With a proven 30 year track record in international banking, we have extensive experience managing digital transitions and legacy change. Our proprietary IP and innovation enable internal and external teams to mitigate risk and confidently shorten project outcome timelines.


We partner with state healthcare IT, business and clinical teams to successfully deliver large scale complex IT change across a broad area of healthcare modernisation programs. We specialise in limiting the impact on clinical teams during IT project change. Our industry specific AI and innovations allow us to mitigate the risk of IT implementation at a superior level compared with standard industry practice.


We work with corporations to enable and deliver large scale complex IT change across transportation modernisation programs. PinnacleQM mitigates production risk by leveraging international leading AI automation platforms and industry experience. Our digital business assurance and quality engineering outcomes provide support and maintenance that increases the speed of business acceptance.

Software Services

Pinnacle is proud to work with leading software organisations. It is our leading innovation in AI Automation and delivery of digital business assurance and testing services that helps their teams to scale, run 24/365 and deploy, migrate, upgrade, integrate, and maintain their clients software solutions.

Natural Resources

Our established natural resources industry capability and successful international track record ensures that your IT investment is enabled with improved efficiency and quality outcomes at speed. Green field, existing operations and digital transformation programs need to be managed with a high level of expertise and risk mitigation. With globally recognised industry capability, we work with your teams to implement tested, best practice business assurance and automation services.


Pinnacle a leading specialist provider of digital business assurance and testing services working with government IT, digital transformation projects and business teams to scale, mitigate production risks from IT change, along with improving value and IT delivery outcomes at speed.


Pinnacle is leading innovation and research into using our AI Automation platforms for the validation and testing of a range of automotive manufactures next generation connected autonomous vehicles. In addition, we enable internal IT and business teams via our digital business assurance services capabilities.

Energy & Utilities

Digital modernisation and complex integration into legacy IT landscapes are a common place within the E&U industry sector. Pinnacle’s digital business assurance and testing services work with and enable IT project and business teams to mitigate IT risk to new and existing systems on a 24/365 basis.

Recent engagements

Industries Banking - Home
BIG 4 AU High Street Bank automates all the end to end systems within their lending group.

Offshore team of 125 resources conducting quarterly releases. Now replaced with an Enginuity platform as a service and a team of 12 delivering daily and weekly CI/CD releases
banking and finance
Industries healthcare 2 - Home
4x Competitor Companies bid to complete complex integration re-platforming of state Health landscape:

40-46 testers for 36mths Pinnacle Team 7 testers for 12mths 24mths total project reduction, $10M+ saving
transportation 1 - Home
State transport department was incurring government penalties of around $1M/ year for defects level breaches in production.

Within 2x monthly release all defects were tested, impacts validated, fixed and retested. Transport departments is now no longer incurring penalty charges.
mining 1 - Home
Natural Resources customer runs 10’s of thousands of man hours of SAP and SuccessFactors testing every month fully un-manned at $0 additional team costs.
natural resources
banking and finance image - Home
AU High Street Bank upgrade CORE Banking platform, 1383 screens change.

2hrs of Enginuity Machine Learning to update the AI automation for the change. All scripts worked, with no requirement to change or update test packs.
banking and finance
healthcare image 1 - Home
State healthcare provider requires to validate production level volumes of integrated doctor patient records.

Pinnacle HealthTest obfuscated production records, created full test condition variations and loaded and tested over 5M transactions/ day.
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